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Consumer debt hit a record of over $14.3 trillion during the first quarter of 2020. Although this debt can benefit the economy as it results in increased consumer spending, too much debt can be devastating on both a national and personal level. Unexpected medical bills, loss of work, poor spending habits, and many other causes result in the inability to repay these borrowings. Now, many households are quickly finding themselves with debt levels they can no longer manage.

If your debt level has become a burden, The Law Firm of Derek Williams, LLC’s team of lawyers can help. Our team works with you to create and execute a wide range of customized solutions that relieve debt and change your current financial path. We offer the following services, personalized to your situation:


Consumer debt bankruptcy cases are processed through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filings, allowing someone with unmanageable debt to start fresh.


To protect your rights whenever a debt collector contacts you, make sure you examine and understand the Fair Debt Collection Act provisions.

Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation may be the best solution to your situation. You may be able to settle your debt for a fraction of the amount you currently owe.

Litigation Defense

Creditors can file consumer litigation cases over many types of debt. If a creditor sues you, it is vital to prepare a defense and protect your rights.

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